Door Noise Barrier
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Door Noise Barrier

Door Noise Barriers Block out sound with a sound-proof door barrier

Nothing is worse than sitting in your flat and hearing your neighbour's loud music through your door, or another neighbour's rows just when you want a quiet evening. Noise travels upwards and if your flat is at the top, or on a staircase, then you will probably need something to block out the noise.

So what do you do?  Buying an acoustical door is very expensive then you have to pay for the labour to have it fitted. So the easiest thing is to create a door noise barrier.

The best noise barrier there is is foam. It is soft, noise absorbent and easy to install. You can buy foam materials that are designed specifically for this purpose. Once you have measured your door you need to look for something like Quiet Door which is a very durable sound barrier composite that will reduce 95% of your noise.

It is very easy to attach to your door as it has a peel-off sticky backing and a vinyl front that will not look out of place in any room.

A door noise barrier can be made from almost any non-porous material and leaded vinyl can be used as it will not let the noise through.

You can actually purchase custom-made acoustic noise barrier covers which consist of a mass loaded vinyl barrier sandwiched between layers of sound absorbing material with a fire-proofed vinyl facing.

Again it is very easy to install as you attach strips of Velcro to your door and then attach the door cover the velcro sewn on the back of it.

Cut-outs for the door handle and hinges are included along with an overlap that extends beyond the door frame.The barrier comes with an attractive vinyl-coated quilted cover which comes in a variety of colour

DIY experts may wish to create their own door noise barriers from scratch so they will need

  • A sheet of plywood or hardboard to fit the door
  • A sheet of thick foam to fit the wood
  • Strong glue to stick the foam to the wood
  • quilted covering or think curtain to go over the foam
  • Nails and screws for attaching the noise barrier to the door.

It is important that all material is fireproofed before the noise barrier is attached to the door. This is a cheap way of soundproofing your door, but not necessarily the most attractive way to do it. It may serve its purpose but of the alternatives the custom-made door barrier covers are probably the most attractive alternative

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