How to Build a Simple Hanging Flower Box
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How to Build a Simple Hanging Flower Box

One of the simpilest ways to make an attractive and inexpensive hanging flower box is to use aluminim or copper guttering.

Step 1 would be to get measurements from the underside of your windows. once you have these total them all up  and call a local gutter installer. Ask if he could drop the lengths off for you. He will need to know the total footage you will need in case he has to order material to fill your order. Seamless guttering comes in many colors and has a baked on finish so if you can match a color to your siding that would be ideal.  If you only want to do a couple of boxes the order would be minimal and it may be difficult to get an installer to provide custom colors for you. If this is the case you can get guttering at Home Depot or Lowes and paint it, but the material will be of lower quality.  In either case you will need a left and a right endcap for each box. If you get an installer to drop the lengths for you he will usually put the endcaps on for you if you ask him to, otherwise you will need to purchase endcap crimpers from Lowes or Home Depot in the guttering section at a cost of about $30. ( I recommend returning them after the project because you will probably never use them again.)

Once you have attached your endcaps you may want to seal them with gutter sealer or silicone just so they don't leak and become stained.

You will also need at least 2 hidden hangars for each box depending on its length. I suggest a minimum of 2 hangars for say a 2' box add an additional hangar for each foot of length. Hidden hangars hook into the front of the gutter and snap over the back. They have a hole in the back that you screw through. I recommend 2" hex head screws but you can use any heavy duty screw. You will also need a 6" driver bit for your  drill to screw them in with.  You can buy hangars with screws already in them.  This may be the best option for the novice. Do not use the spike and ferrule hanging system. While less expensive it is a very poor hanger and you will regret using them.

Next flip your gutter over and drill several holes in the bottom for drainage. Now all that is left is to snap in your hangars and mount the box under your window. I suggest mounting the box first and then filling it in place because once you fill it with your planting material it will be pretty heavy.

These boxes look terrific and match the home nicely. Copper while a bit more expensive gives a great look but may be difficult to obtain. You will have to get it from a local installer and if he doesn't have some in stock the cost of ordering the material may change your mind about copper so get a quote first.

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