EZHang: An Easy Way to Install a Prehung Door
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EZHang: An Easy Way to Install a Prehung Door

Easy system for a first time homeowner installing a door

More and more homeowners are tackling their own home improvement projects these days. Turning to the web for advise is just one of the ways to get useful knowledge. Completing a door installation used to be reserved for someone with exceptional carpentry skill. Not any more; here is a way for a homeowner or even a rookie DIYer to install a door.

Your first step is to use a  level, and draw a vertical plumb line on the drywall 1/2" in form the rough opening. This line must be on the hinge side and in the room the door swings into.

Next, you will screw brackets to back of door frame using the 1/2" screws. The brackets are installed  below each hinge and even with the edge of the door frame. This process is repeated on the knob side of the door, starting 12" down from the top, 2" above the latch hole and 6-8" up from the bottom. The final bracket is recommended by the manufacturer for the top, on doors 30" and wider. The door is now ready to insert in the rough opening.

Finally, you will start at the top hinge, matching up one of the lines the bracket with the level line drawn in the first step. Screw door to the wall using the drywall screws provided in the installation kit. Work your way down the hinge side of the door, making sure to use the same line for each of the 3 hinge side brackets. Next, check the clearance between the frame and the door on the top and knob side. Take care to make sure they are equal. Starting at the top again, continue working your way down the door. Keep the clearance between the frame and door equal, as you screw the door to the wall with the drywall screws.

Simple, quick and easy door installation instructions for everyone. The brackets are called EZ-Hang™ Door installation brackets. They can even be used to install french doors. French Doors or double doors have always required a little more carpentry skill than a single door. After all, you need to plumb two hinge sides, keep the door clearances equal at the top, and between both operating doors. One tip is to be sure and space the jambs off the floor (do this if the finished floor is not already installed). This will allow vertical adjustment of the door jambs.

Once you've completed your door installation, the final touch is installing the door knob or handle. When using a handle, be sure it is a universal handle for both left and right hand doors, or be sure to purchase the correct hand. If not, it will not fit properly. You don't want to end up with an upside down handle.

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